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Title Manufacturer Active ingredients Crops Applications
2,4-D field-corn, soybean fall-burndown, postemergence, preemergence, spring-burndown
acetochlor many acetochlor field-corn preemergence
acetochlor + atrazine many acetochlor, atrazine field-corn preemergence
Acuron Syngenta atrazine, mesotrione, S-metolachlor, bicyclopyrone field-corn preemergence
Aim FMC carfentrazone field-corn, soybean postemergence
Anthem FMC pyroxasulfone, fluthiacet-methyl field-corn, soybean preemergence
Anthem ATZ FMC atrazine, pyroxasulfone, fluthiacet-methyl field-corn preemergence
Assure II/Targa Dupont, Gowan quizalifop soybean postemergence
atrazine many atrazine field-corn postemergence, preemergence
Authority Assist FMC sulfentrazone, imazethapyr soybean preemergence
Authority First/Sonic FMC, Dow AgroSciences sulfentrazone, cloransulam soybean preemergence
Authority MAXX/XL FMC sulfentrazone, chlorimuron soybean preemergence
Authority MTZ FMC sulfentrazone, metribuzin soybean preemergence
Authority XL
Autumn Super Bayer iodosulfuron-methyl, thiencarbazone field-corn, soybean fall-burndown
Balance Flexx Bayer isoxaflutole field-corn preemergence
Basagran/Broadloom many bentazon field-corn, soybean postemergence
Beacon Syngenta primisulfuron field-corn postemergence
Bestow FMC rimsulfuron field-corn postemergence
Broadaxe Syngenta sulfentrazone, S-metolachlor soybean preemergence
bromoxynil field-corn postemergence
bromoxynil + atrazine field-corn postemergence
Cadet field-corn, soybean postemergence
Callisto field-corn postemergence, preemergence
Callisto GT field-corn postemergence
Callisto Xtra field-corn postemergence
Canopy Blend DuPont chlorimuron, metribuzin soybean fall-burndown, preemergence
Canopy/Cloak EX DuPont, Nufarm chlorimuron, tribenuron soybean fall-burndown, preemergence
Capreno field-corn postemergence
Cheetah Max soybean postemergence
Classic soybean postemergence
clethodim soybean postemergence
Cobra, Phoenix soybean postemergence
Command FMC clomazone soybean preemergence
Corvus field-corn preemergence
dicamba field-corn postemergence
dicamba+atrazine field-corn postemergence
Envive DuPont chlorimurn, flumioxazin soybean preemergence
Extreme, Tackle soybean postemergence
Fierce Valent flumioxazin, pyroxasulfone field-corn, soybean preemergence
Fierce XLT Valent chlorimuron, flumioxazin, pyroxasulfone soybean preemergence
FirstRate soybean postemergence, preemergence
Flexstar GT soybean postemergence
Flumioxazin field-corn, soybean preemergence
fomesafen (Flexstar etc) soybean postemergence
fomesafen + metolachlor soybean postemergence, preemergence
Fusilade DX soybean postemergence
Fusion soybean postemergence
Glufosinate glufosinate field-corn, soybean postemergence, spring-burndown
glyphosate multiple glyphosate field-corn, soybean fall-burndown, postemergence, spring-burndown
Gramoxone + 2,4-D + metribuzin soybean spring-burndown
Halex GT field-corn postemergence
Hornet field-corn postemergence, preemergence
Impact/Armezon field-corn postemergence
Impact/Armezon + atrazine field-corn postemergence
Instigate field-corn postemergence, preemergence, spring-burndown
Intimidator soybean preemergence
Laddok field-corn postemergence
Latir soybean preemergence
Laudis field-corn postemergence
Laudis + atrazine field-corn postemergence
Lexar EZ field-corn postemergence, preemergence, spring-burndown
Lorox soybean preemergence
Marvel soybean postemergence
Matador soybean preemergence
metolachlor field-corn, soybean preemergence
metolachlor + atrazine field-corn preemergence
metribuzin soybean preemergence
metribuzin + metolachlor soybean preemergence
Nicosulfuron (Accent etc) field-corn postemergence
NorthStar field-corn postemergence
Optill PRO soybean preemergence
Outlook field-corn, soybean preemergence
pendimethalin field-corn, soybean preemergence
Permit field-corn postemergence
Poast soybean postemergence
Prequel field-corn preemergence
Pummel soybean postemergence, preemergence
Pursuit soybean postemergence, preemergence
Python field-corn, soybean preemergence
Ransom soybean preemergence
Raptor soybean postemergence
Realm Q field-corn postemergence
ResolveQ field-corn postemergence, preemergence
Resource field-corn, soybean postemergence
Revulin Q field-corn postemergence
rimsulfuron + thifensulfuron (Basis etc) various rimsulfuron, thifensulfuron field-corn, soybean fall-burndown, spring-burndown
Sharpen field-corn, soybean preemergence, spring-burndown
Shotgun field-corn postemergence
simazine field-corn preemergence
Solstice field-corn postemergence
Spartan soybean preemergence
Spirit field-corn postemergence
Starane field-corn postemergence
Status field-corn postemergence
Steadfast Q field-corn postemergence
Stinger field-corn postemergence
Storm soybean postemergence
SureStart/TripleFlex field-corn preemergence
Surveil Dow AgroSciences cloransulam, flumioxazin soybean preemergence
Synchrony XP soybean postemergence
thifensulfuron (Harmony etc) several - Harmony SG, Harass Treaty thifensulfuron soybean postemergence
Torment ADAMA fomesafen, imazethapyr soybean postemergence, preemergence
tribenuron (Express etc) soybean fall-burndown
trifluralin many trifluralin soybean preemergence
Trivence DuPont chlorimuron, flumioxazin, metribuzin soybean preemergence
Ultra Blazer UPI acifluorfen soybean postemergence
Valor XLT/Rowel FX Valent, Monsanto flumioxazin, chlorimuron soybean preemergence
Verdict BASF saflufenacil, dimethenemid-P field-corn preemergence
Warrant Monsanto acetochlor soybean preemergence
Widematch Dow AgroSciences clopyralid, fluroxyoyr field-corn postemergence
Yukon Gowan halosufuron, dicamba field-corn postemergence
Zemax Syngenta mesotrione, S-metolachlor field-corn preemergence
Zidua BASF pyroxasulfone field-corn, soybean preemergence