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Assure II/Targa

Active ingredients: 
Site of action groups: 
Dupont, Gowan
EPA reg number: 
Assure II 352-541, Targa 33906-9-81880
Restricted use product or combination: 
Rate (per A): 

Apply 7 to 8 ounces per acre for control of foxtails (2 to 8 inches tall), and fall panicum, barnyardgrass, and crabgrass (2 to 6 inches tall).

Application timing: 


Apply with COC (1 to 2 gallons/100 gallons spray) for best results. NIS (2 pints/100 gallons spray) may be used instead of COC if required in a mixture with other herbicides. Petroleum-based COCs are preferred over MSOs. For control of volunteer glyphosate-resistant corn in Roundup Ready soybeans in mixtures with glyphosate, apply the following rates based on corn size: up to 12 inches - 4 oz; 12-18 inches - 5 oz; 18 to 30 inches - 8 oz. The addition of NIS at the rate of 2 pints per 100 gallons spray is recommended in this mixture. If the glyphosate product contains a surfactant package, add NIS at the rate of 1 pint per 100 gallons.
Rotation intervals: 

No restrictions