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Active ingredients: 
Site of action groups: 
EPA reg number: 
Rate (per A): 

3/8 -3/4 oz

Application timing: 
Apply broadcast or as a directed spray when field corn is between 4 and 20 inches tall, and as a directed spray after corn is 20 inches tall and before tassel emergence. All applications to inbred lines and popcorn should be made post-directed or semi-directed (nozzles positioned to avoid placing spray in whorl) after corn is 10 inches tall but before tassel emergence. Do not apply to sweet corn.
Apply with NIS (0.25% v/v) or COC (1 to 4 pints per acre); COC is generally the preferred additive. Liquid nitrogen fertilizer (2 to 4 quarts/A) or AMS (2 to 4 lbs/A) may be added, but should not substitute for surfactant or oil con- centrate. COC plus nitrogen fertilizer can be use when mixing with atrazine, Accent, or 2 oz/A or less of dicamba. Mixtures with most other herbicides should be applied with NIS.
Rotation intervals: 
Time to wait to plant following application (months; NR = no restrictions) of Beacon: corn - 14 days; wheat - 3; oats - 8; alfalfa - 8; clover - 18; soybeans - 8; tomatoes - 18; popcorn - 8; sweet corn - 8