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thifensulfuron (Harmony etc)

Active ingredients: 
Site of action groups: 
several - Harmony SG, Harass Treaty
EPA reg number: 
Restricted use product or combination: 
Rate (per A): 

Harmony 50DF - 0.12 oz/A; Harass/Treaty 75DF - 0.08 oz/A

Application timing: 
Postemergence after the first trifoliate soybean leaf has fully expanded up to 60 days before harvest.
Apply with 0.125 to 0.25 percent NIS (v/v) when weeds are less than 4 inches tall and actively growing. Liquid nitro- gen fertilizer or AMS should also be included in the spray mix at the following rates: 28% - 2 to 4 quarts/A; 10-34-0 - 2 to 4 pints/A; or AMS - 2 to 4 pounds/A. Under dry conditions, thifensulfuron can be applied with COC, but soybean injury is likely to be more severe.
Rotation intervals: 

No restrictions