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Active ingredients: 
saflufenacil, dimethenemid-P
Site of action groups: 
14, 15
EPA reg number: 
Restricted use product or combination: 
Rate (per A): 

coarse-textured - 10 to 12 oz; medium - 13 to 15 oz; fine - 16 to 18 oz. Rates for seed corn: coarse soils - 5 oz; medium to fine textured soils - 5 to 10 oz.

Application timing: 

Preplant or preeemergence


This product is intended for use in a planned preemergence followed by postemergence program, and the product rates are not intended to provide full-season weed control. Preemergence or preplant application of Verdict should be followed by a postemergence application of glyphosate (glyphosate-resistant corn), glufosinate (LibertyLink corn), or conventional herbicides as needed.

Rotation intervals: 
Time to wait to plant following application (months; NR = no restrictions) for rates of 10 oz or higher: corn - NR; wheat - 4; oats - 9; alfalfa - 9; clover - 9; soybeans - 9; tomatoes - 9; popcorn - NR; sweet corn - 9