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Active ingredients: 
clopyralid, fluroxyoyr
Site of action groups: 
Dow AgroSciences
EPA reg number: 
Restricted use product or combination: 
Rate (per A): 

1.3 pts/A

Application timing: 

Broadcast up to the V5 stage of field corn and when weeds are less than 8 inches tall. Applications when corn is past the V5 stage should be made as a directed spray using drop nozzles.

Crop injury, including stem curvature, stunting, and brace root injury can occur with some corn hybrids when Wide- Match is applied as a broadcast treatment. Hybrids susceptible to phenoxy injury may also be susceptible to injury from WideMatch
Rotation intervals: 
Time to wait to plant following application (months; NR = no restrictions): corn - NR; wheat - NR; oats - NR; alfalfa - 10.5; clover - bioassay; soybeans - 10.5; tomatoes - bioassay; popcorn - 4; sweet corn - 4