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2019 OSU Weed Science Field Research Results

OSU Weed Science Field Research Results - 2019


19308NT Marestail Control with KFD-308 1
19308NT-URB Marestail Control with KFD-308, Urbana 2
19FierceNT Marestail Control with Valent Actives 3
19FierceNT-URB Marestail Control with Valent Actives, Urbana 4
19KFDPRE Marestail Control with UPL Actives 5
19KFDPRE-URB Marestail Control with UPL Actives, Urbana 6
19WINBURN Marestail Control with Dimetric Charged 7
19WINBURN-URB Marestail Control with Dimetric Charged, Urbana 8
19GRAM Marestail Control with Gramoxone 3 SL 9
19GRAM-URB Marestail Control with Gramoxone 3 SL, Urbana 10
19CLOMNT Marestail Control with KFD-308 combinations 11
19TOUGHBD Marestail Control with Tough 5 EC combinations 12
19HOWE24D Marestail Control in Enlist Soybeans 13
19BALANCENT Marestail Control in LLGT27 Soybean 14
19GTBURN Burndown Weed Control in LLGT27 Soybean 15
19LLNT Weed Control Systems in Liberty Link Soybean 16
19PRES1 Valent actives in Liberty Link Systems 17
19AMVPRE Preemergence Weed Control Programs in Soybeans with AMVAC 18
19PRPOST1 Valent Actives in Roundup Ready Soybeans 19
19PRPOST2 Authority Brand Programs in RRXtend Soybeans 20
19PRPOST3 Syngenta Programs in RRX Soybeans 21
19PRPOST4 BASF Porgrams in LLGT27 Soybeans 22
19SHOWCASE Soybean Showcase Treatments 23
19BASFDEMO BASF Demonstration of Residual Vs. No Residual 24
19SOYYIELD Soybean Systems Comparisons 25
19XTENDFLEX Weed Control Systems in XtendFlex Soybean 26
19MONPRPOST Evaluation of PRE and POST Herbicides Programs in RRX Soybean 27
19WINPOST Evaluation of WINFIELD Adjuvants in RRX Soybean 28
19SHADOW Evaluation of Shadow plus Interline on Volunteer Corn 29
19GOWAN Evaluation of Sonalan in Soybean 30
19ENLIST Evaluation of Corteva Programs in Enlist Soybean 31
19SCOUT Evaluation of Valent's Scout Herbicide in Liberty Link Soybean 32
19MSUSOY Evaluation of Rounup and Liberty Combinations in Soybean 33
19RUPLIB Roundup and Liberty Combinations 34
19LIBSURF Evaluation of Surfactant Programs for Liberty Efficacy 35

Bareground Trials

19BASFBG Engenia, Engenia Pro, vs. Enlist Pre and Post 36
19XTENDBG Xtend Programs vs. Enlist                                   37


18CAPRENO Weed Control Programs with Capreno Herbicide 38
19BAYERPRE BAYER Preemergence Weed Control Programs in Corn 39
19BAYERUNIV BAYER University Showcase Programs 40
19FMCCRN FMC Showcase Programs in Corn 41
19SHOWCASE1 Showcase Weed Control Programs in Corn - early plant 42
19SHOWCASE2 Showcase Weed Control Programs in Corn - late plant 43
19TOUGH Weed Control Programs in Corn with Tough 5 EC 44
19SHIELDEX Shieldex Visibiltiy Trial 45



19CORNMIX Cover Crop Mixtures for Corn 46
19CORNMIXNW Cover Crop Mixtures for Corn - Northwest Branch 47
19SOYMIX Cover Crop Mixtures for Soybean 48
19SOYMIXNW Cover Crop Mixtures for Soybean - Northwest Branch 49
19GREEN Cover Crop Green Plant Soybean 50



19Wheat1 FMC Programs in No-Till Winter Wheat