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2021 Research Results

OSU Weed Science Field Research Results - 2021


21FALLSOY1 NuFarm Fall Herbicides for Dandelion, and Winter Annuals 1
21FALLSOY2 UPL Fall and Spring Burndown No-Tillage Soybeans 2
21PANTHERNT Panther and Panther MTZ Burndown and Residual 3
21RRXNT Reviton and Valent Actives in No-Till Xtend Soybeans 4
21REVITONII Reviton Soybean Burndown 5
21WINFIELD WinField metribuzin + sulfentrazone formulation 6
21RRXPRENT Dicamba paired soil residual in No-Till Soybean 7
21A23372A A23372A: Crop Tolerance and Efficacy in Conv. Till Soybean 8
21FMCSOY Soybean Residual with FMC Products 9
21ENLISTSOY Enlist Soybean Herbcide Programs 10
21BASFSOY Zidua Pro Soybean Residual Vs. Competitors 11
21AMVACPRE Preemergence Efficacy of AMVAC Soybean Herbicides 12
21AMVACPO AMVAC Postemergence Soybean Herbicide Programs 13
21SOYRES Soybean Residuals for the Control of Waterhemp 14
21SOYRESDV Soybean Residuals for the Control of Waterhemp II 15
21ZONEDEF Zone Defense Efficacy and Crop Safety in Soybeans 19
21LIBSURF Glufosinate Interactions with GARRCO Surfactants 16
21GARRSOY Glyphosate/Glufosinate Tank-mix Interactions 17
21DOSE Glyphosate/Glufosinate Dose Response 18
21WARHL Warrant High Load Crop Safety and Efficacy 19
21SOYYLD Soybean Trait Systems 20

Bareground Trials

21POWERMAX3 Roundup PowerMax 3 Formulation 21
21QUIZ+FENOX Quizalafop - Fenoxaprop Combination 22
21REVBURN Reviton Burndown Large Marestail 23


21FALLCORN1 UPL - Fall and Spring Burndown Programs Corn 24
21UPLCORN UPL - Burndown and Residual Programs in Corn        25
21V10494NT V10494 Crop Tolerance and Efficacy No-Till Corn 26
21REVITONC1 Reviton Burndown Programs in Corn I 27
21HELMMAXX Helm Maxx Programs in No-Till Corn 28
21ACURONGT Acuron GT Weed Control and Crop Tolerance 29
21CORNSHOW Showcase Weed Control Programs in Corn 30
21AMVACCRN AMVAC Corn Portfolio Showcase Trial 31
21RESTRAINT Restraint Crop Safey and Weed Control 32
21V10494PO V10494 Crop Tolerance and Efficacy in Con. Till Corn 33
21SHIELDEX Shieldex Crop Safety and Weed Control 34
21BCS720 BCS720 Efficacy and Crop Safety in Corn 35
21IMPACTCORE Impact Core Crop Safety and Performance 36



21SOYMIX          Cover Crop Mixtures for Soybean 37
21GREENPLANT Cover Crop Mixtures Green Plant in Soybean 38
21RWBCOVER Rye, Wheat and Barley as Cover Crops in Soybean 39